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Can we test electron application using Test Complete ?


Can we test electron application using Test Complete ?

I am using an application created using Electron app, but Test Complete is not recognizing any button or drop down of application. Just main window is getting recognised.

How can I recognise button, combo boxes present ?
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I don't know Electron but based upon the quick Google search I just did, Electron applications use the Chromium Framework for building applications.


So... with that in mind....


So, generally, the answer is "Yes".  However, note that, while technically an application built with Electron is a desktop application, you need a web testing license in order to get to the CEF objects.  

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Few things you have to check.


1. You need to have web based TestComplete license

2. All web plugins should be checked in along with custom

3. Make sure inside objects of your electron app are identifiable.



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