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5 years ago

Chrome Widget in an Electron application


My application is an Electron application and it has a small tab-menu extension (there is a down arrow and when clicked expands as a menu). Until the Down arrow I am able to recognize as a part of my electron application but the menu which is displayed (after clicking on the down arrow) is not getting recognized. When I spy the menu it shows Window("Chrome_WidgetWin_2", "", 1) in the Name. Please help me identify the chrome widget.

Note: Already Web and Desktop installation are available in my Test Complete.

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    5 years ago

    There are a few workaround I can think of...

    Does this application have chromium embedded content? - if so, turning on the * checkbox in the options -> current project properties -> MSAA may enable testcomplete to identify each of those dropdown panels. 

    If this does not work, then I would suggest looking into OCR actions - with the TestComplete IQ add on. 

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  • is the dropdown as a whole getting recognized at all? 

    if you are trying to interact withe that object, or the options within that object, could you try using something like on screen action or call object method (click the top level tab that produces the dropdown) and then use the same operations again (on screen action or call object method) and use the ctrl+shft+a option of the "object spy"  to select a separate GUI action on the drop down items after it appears (after you physically click the tab that produces the drop down)?


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      Thank you for the suggestion Justin!


      Hi jerkins , any luck with using this approach?

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        Hi Justin/Sonya,

        I did use shift+Ctrl+A to identify the drop down menu. With that I see Window("Chrome_WidgetWin_2", "", 2) in Name. The entire drop down menu is recognized this way and I cant recognize anything beyond that. The drop down menu displays few values and I am supposed to read it using Automation which I am unable to do.