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Can I get all my test names for a project into a file?


Can I get all my test names for a project into a file?

I am renaming all our tests with a different naming scheme.   To give examples I would like to get all the names into a text file.   Is there a way to highlight all tests and copy the names?


Also, the edit process is going to be tedious.   Is there a way to bypass the TestComplete user interface, and use an editor to do a bulk change?

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TC doesn't have the functionality of "code refactoring". You can do this manually, but there's no guarantee it will work. I use Notepad++ as my general text editor, to search and replace text etc.

I saw that some underlying TestComplete files are XML files.  Have you tried using Notepad++ on a TestComplete file?    

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I don't have any XML files in my TC project, as everything is scripted, and I have no need to make changes using an external tool. I suggest you create a temporary project suite with a few tests and see if you can modify the stuff that you want. Then reload the project and run it, to see if it works.


xml files don't have to have the extension .xml.  The header can tell Windows what the XML file is, what icon to put on it, and what to execute.


Below are some examples of TestComplete files that are xml files under the covers.


The pjs file is xml. Right click on it and open with notepad++.


The pjs.tcLS file is xml.

The tcTgExtender file is xml


The tckDTest file is xml but that is keyword tests


The .mds file is xml.  I think that is a project.


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I should have said "I don't have any XML files in my TC project to modify, as everything is scripted from the scratch"

Going back to the subject of this thread.   Your TestComplete GUI doesn't have a list of tests to run? Your code has the list of tests?   Your code is one script?   Your log messages are in your script?  Can you send a screen shot of TestComplete?

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My Project Suite looks like this,


Each Project is based on an area of the web application.

I have the option to run the entire suite; results look like this,


Or I can run the execution plan of an individual project; results look like this,



Everything runs on a separate machine which is scheduled to run at a particular time (downloads the latest source files, run TestExecute, save results). Results of each run is saved



Is that what you meant?

I like your site and projects.  I don't see how to do it with Keyword Tests.


Your log records have a "Name" column.  How did you do that?  I don't see it in the Log.error function.



See Execution Plan Editor. It's worth joining and doing TestComplete Training and Certifications.


Since I started working on the automation, I've ended up rewriting and restructuring everything about 3 or 4 times! I realised that I was making it far too complicated than what it needs to be. So, I decided to make things simple, which works a lot better.


I started by creating a project suite, projects, simple tests, and executions plans. This was to try and understand how events work, cloning project, project settings, import functions etc. 



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