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BDD: read information given in feature file


BDD: read information given in feature file

Hi everyone;


Small question:


I am writing tests for our program and in every Feature File I write pre-conditions necessary before running the tests.

These pre-conditions are just written as information for the people reading the tests so it is not really a restriction to TestComplete.

Now I was wondering if there was any way to make TestComplete read these pre-conditions before running the feature file so I can also print them in the Log Messages?


My example:

Feature: Adding a field 

    Any user should be able to add a field
    If errors occur, corresponding messages should be shown

    IE0001 completed

        Given the project centre is open

Meaning the actual first test to run is the Background one

The pre-condition is just written in text but I'd like to read that in the 'beforeFeature' function used in BDD to print it in the Logs.


Anyone that can help?


Never mind, I found it already 😅 

When I was typing this it suddenly came to mind you can read the description of any Feature File with feature.Description.

If I just split that description on pre-condition I can log that to the Messages.


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