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Azure pipeline - Force write to pipeline log


Azure pipeline - Force write to pipeline log

Hi all, 


i was wondering if there is a way in testcomplete to write a log which would result being printed in the Azure Pipeline console.




I have some tests which are data driven and would love to indicate to the console which steps is currently running. 


In test complete I use the Log.Message but this is only visible when the test is done running.




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I use the Indicator for that. You can push your own messages there.

Hi @Marsha_R , thank you for your reply and sorry for the delay.

I tried to use the indicator for this but it doesn't seem to produce a log to be shown in the Pipeline console. It does update the indicator at the top right of the screen.


Yes, that's what it's for. If you're trying to watch what is happening in your test, that's an alternate way to do it.

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