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Automation of Remote machine

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Automation of Remote machine


   Is it possible to automate a remote machine using "Net meeting" facility without installing TestComplete in remote machine?

Hi Jomy,

You cannot perform any actions on a remote machine from TestComplete installed on a local machine without installing TestComplete or TestExecute on the remote one. However, could you please describe your task in detail? Probably, I will be able to suggest you a solution.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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Thanks for your quick response.

Our requirement is that we have one desktop application running in remote system which require some user interaction like menu item selection, select file from file open dialog etc. This remote PC is low configuration system with 256MB RAM (P4 processor, 30GB HDD). From TestComplete running system, we need to execute the above test scenario on remote PC. 

Please let us know if there is any possibility of running this scenario on remote PC without installing TestComplete or Test Execute in it.
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Hi Jomy,

In this case the only probable approach that you may consider is coordinate-based clicking on the application's image within the NetMeeting window. To make your test more reliable, you may consider the OCR and image search functionality of TestComplete (see relevant help topics for more details). With proper settings of the target machine and NetMeeting (no fancy skins, fonts smoothing, color schemes, etc.), the chances are high that you will get the tests executed reliably. But most probably, that tests will be reliable for the given machine and given settings only.
  /Alex [Community Hero]
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Thanks for the responce, i am closing this thread
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