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Automatically check if TestExecute license is available

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Automatically check if TestExecute license is available

Hi all,


Is there any possibility to automatically check if a TestExecute floating license is available or not?


We currently have TE liceneses for 3 different projects.

As we do not need all licenses in these projects all the time we want to share them. Per se this is no problem as we have a central license manager. But if the test starts and there is currently no license available the test ends without anything run.

We want to prevent this by previously checking if a license is available and postponing the test (or delaying or something like this)


Any ideas?




No, there is no way to check beforehand if a license is available.  This would be a good suggestion for our Feature Request Forum


TestComplete will return a "-1" error if it fails for lack of license.  You might try delaying and retrying the test if it fails the first time with a license check error.

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