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Are you using Test Execute 11 to test Connected Applications in Visual Studio 2015?


Are you using Test Execute 11 to test Connected Applications in Visual Studio 2015?

Hello Community


 I have a problem with TestExecute 11 using Connected Application in Visual Studio 2015 Professional Edition.


Our testing framework is a VS 2012 solution which is compiling without any errors.

When open with Visual Studio Professional Edition 2015, cannot be compiled.
There are a lot of errors like:
Cannot convert type 'AutomatedQA.script.var.VarDelegate' to 'bool'
Cannot convert type 'AutomatedQA.script.var.VarDelegate' to 'int'
Cannot apply indexing with [] to an expression of type 'var.VarDelegate'
Cannot implicitly convert type 'AutomatedQA.script.var.VarDelegate' to 'AutomatedQA.script.var'

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2015
Version 14.0.24720.00 Update 1
Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.6.01038

Test Execute 11.31.2450.11


The support case for this issue is:


If you see this case, the problem is not resolved for VS 2015 Professional and probably there will not be the solution.

I get the impression from comments there that only we are using TestExecute to test an applications via Connected Applications.


That was the latest comment from SmartBear Support:
"Hello Maria,

We have investigated the issue and found out that the issue was caused by changes in the Visual Studio 2015 C# compiler. We may need significant time to find a solution from our side. Even if a solution is found you will have to modify your code to work with Visual Studio 2015.
In this situation, we think that the best solutions for the issue are.
1. Continue using Visual Studio 2012 or 2013.
2. Use TestLeft. It is considered as a replacement for the Connected Applications feature and has more powerful functionality. It will be developed in the future while we do not have plans to develop Connected Applications."



So, I need to rewrite all tests and also, I need to buy together with Test Execute a new product.


If you are using TestExecute with Connected Applications what are your comments about this?



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we have the same problem with Visual Studio 2015.

We found very convenient to write tests with C# SpecFlow extension (BDD paradigm scenarios) and use Test Complete object for UI manipulations. Unfortunately we have to work with VS2010 since it does not work in VS 2015.


Smartbear, is there any chance that you provide working AutomatedQA.script.dll for VS 2015?






When I asked the  support is it possible that only we are using TestExecute via Connected Applications, they answered me that they rarely get cases about Connected Applications and the functionality may be removed from TestComplete and TestExecute in the future. 
The latest comment was that they are discussing the issue with the R&D team and the product owner.



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Anyway they must support ability for external applications (e.g. python scripts) to manage Testcomplete environment. If not they have risk to lose clients who use their products as a part of BIG automated test environment. I hope Testcomplete is not just for mouse clicking testers.




So, they are not on this opinion and have no intention not only to fix this, but also to support it at all.
This is their last comment:

"The entire Connected Applications feature is going to become obsolete in the next update of the tool."

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I reverse engineered and patched AutomatedQA.script.dll and AutomatedQA.TestComplete.CSConnectedApp.dll to run in MSVS 2015.




1. Remove from the project references to AutomatedQA.script.dll and AutomatedQA.TestComplete.CSConnectedApp.dll.

2. Add Connect.cs and var.cs files to the project

3. Replace all "](" in the code to ].Do(

4. Enjoy



For example if in code you have something like ["Window"]("Edit", "", 4)["Click"](78, 13) then you should replace it with ["Window"].Do("Edit", "", 4)["Click"].Do(78, 13)




I am not sure but maybe in your case you should change in Connect.cs strings with "TestComplete.TestCompleteApplication.9" to "TestComplete.TestCompleteApplication.11". We use 9 version of Test Complete.

Thank you!

It is working with Test Execute 11.


That was in my mind after discussions with SmartBear support team to try to decompile their dlls and to try to do not use them, but because we were in process of testing of the major release, I had no time to try it.

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You are welcome!


If you find some problems with code, feel free to commit them to the git repo.

So will Visual Studio 2012 work with Windows 10?

@bistritapcv wrote:

So will Visual Studio 2012 work with Windows 10?

That's a question for Microsoft, not for SmartBear.  I'd check with Microsoft knowledge base and such to make that determination.

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