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Application won't start

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Application won't start

I'm having an issue.

When I want to run my (Keyword) Test, the first step would be to run my Application.

But it won't start and the test crashes.

Test Log: 

The application " C:\Apps\....\MyApp.exe" started.

The MyApp.exe process crashed.

Exception code: 0xE0434352.
Process identifier (PID): 3984.


It's an exe file, which can be run without admin permission, although I tried running TestComplete as admin as well, it didn't work either.

If I skip this step and run my test from the point my app is opened (meaning I open it manually and run the test only after) the automated testing is working. It's just inconvenient.


If you have any idea, solution share with me.

Thank you.

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1) Check the Additional Info pane of the test log for the crash record. If it contains crash dump and/or stack you may talk to developers and ask them to check if they find something relevant;

2) Consider the Report Generator utility shipped with TestComplete ( Try to get crash dump using it and again, ask developers to check if they find something within generated crach dump(s). (Note, it is possible to launch more than one instance of Report Generator in order to attach it to different processes been monitored for failure (e.g. to your tested application and TestComplete itself).)

3) Contact Support directly via this form:


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