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Ampersand affecting FindChild function


Ampersand affecting FindChild function

I'm using the .FindChild method to find objects in a table using a series of variables. The function sets a field in a form to a value (ex. x.setTest("ABC")) and submits the form, then tries to find a child object with "ABC" as the innerHTML. This succeeds. The next value is "A&C", submits find, appears on the table, but the .FindChild method isn't able to find it. I'm pretty sure it's the ampersand preventing it from being found.


Unfortunately, the ampersand isn't optional. Any help would be appreciated.




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Re: Ampersand affecting FindChild function

Sometimes with special characters, putting two of them helps, so try &&

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Re: Ampersand affecting FindChild function

Thanks for the advice here, Marsha!


@tostig does this work for you?

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