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A nubie question

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A nubie question



I'm a nubie into the TestComplete. I have an automation testing infrastructure to raise. The ecosystem includes: electronic equipment, which is DUT, external testing equipment and PC SW. The whole testing framework will be managed by NI TestStend automation suite. The problem is automating PC SW, which MFC-based GUI application. This GUI is a main tool for configuring the DUT and analyzing its outputs. My goal is to create GUI automation sequences, that can be activated both as a standalone tests and more important, as a part of the TestStend environment. TestStend can run dlls, LabView VI's, command line batch files.

Is TestComplete is good for this purpose? If yes, what are possible ways of running it from TestStand?




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I'm not familiar with TestStend but, based upon what you described, yes TestComplete SHOULD work for what you want.  You might want to make sure you have licenses for TestExecute as well as that will be your tool that you will run within TestStend.  There are commandline parameters for both TestComplete and TestExecute that will launch any test suite automatically.  

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Hi Michael,


In addition to Robert's reply:

-- TestComplete supports C\C++ applications and (some of) MFC controls (, so you should be able to drive your application with TestComplete;

-- Besides command line option, TestComplete is also a COM server (, so it is possible to create a dll with some exported function and call this function from TestStend. And the code in this function will start TestComplete, run required tests, publish logs and shutdown TestComplete.

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I have done it just the opposite by integrating NI DAQMx drivers into TestComplete and coding the interface config and I/O read writes along with testing the Configuration Software....


As someone previously commented, it should be capable of executing/scheduling via TestStand.  And, I concur, the end result should be to execute your UI test via TestExecute. (Not tie up your IDE)


I also code test applications via LabVIEW and may be able to help.  Let me know...

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