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13 years ago

TestComplete interview questions

Dear friends,

below are the few interview question for your reference, please let me know if you have any queries on this.

1. What's the latest release of testcomplete and what new in it ?

2. How to add unit referencing to the script unit?

3. How to create name mapping file for objects?

4. What your approach for writing the script..ex Recording, Name mapping or find method.

5. How to implement the events in script?

6. How to use templete in name mapping?

7. If test complete has object identification problem, what technique you will use?

8. What is mean open application and how you will come to it is open or not?

9. How to run tested apps application?

10. How to use randomize function?

11. How to get script execution time?

12. What need to do to get MSAA or UI automation properties of an object?

13. What are the four tree model available for web testing?

14. What is a shortcut key to stop recoding?

15. How to organize the log using append folder functionality?

16. How to perform conditional debugging?

17. Write a statement for resuming the script execution on error?

18. How to perform batch run for project script units.

19. What the use of DDT function?

20. Create DDT script for Login functionality using excel sheet?

21. Whats the use of EOF function?

22. Whats the use of Script extensions?

23. How to load script extensions?

24. What all required if user has to prepare script extension for pin code.

25. Whats the use of wildcard in script and what's the difference between * and ??

26. Whats the use of scripting.dictionary function?

27. Write a script to get all elements on page and log their NAME at result log.

28. What is the difference between click and clickitem method?

29. Write a script to launch google using wait method?

30. How wImage function works in testcomplete?

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi Pankaj,

    As far as I understand, you are going to use these questions when interviewing candidates for QA positions in your organization, right?

    If yes, I'd suggest changing or, perhaps, removing some questions. In my opinion, the main point is that candidates understand the basic concepts and have some experience in using TestComplete. It's acceptable if they are unable to recall some minor details (you know, during interviews, this can happen due to various reasons, e.g. some people may be too nervous). So, I'd suggest changing or removing specific questions on using the Randomize, EOL and other scripting functions, "Stop Recording" shortcut, or about the latest TC version and new features in it. It's easy to find this information in TestComplete help, UI or on the web site at any time.

    The questions on basic concepts like "how would you resolve the 'object not found' error" look very good. Perhaps, you may use more questions of this type.

    Also, I'd rephrase some questions and precise the used terms. E.g. "Write a script to launch google using wait method?" Wait methods don't launch anything. Most likely, you want a script that will launch a google page and wait until it loads. One more example: "How wImage function works in testcomplete?" wImage is a property, not a method (function). Finally, "3. How to create name mapping file for objects?", I think, you want to ask something like "How do you map objects in TC?", not how to add a name mapping node (file) to the project tree...

    Anyhow, these are just my thoughts that can be wrong or not acceptable to you. The decision is up to you. :-)

  • Thanks for your valuable inputs on interview question....I will Definitely  follow the suggestions given by you.
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    Super Contributor
    Hi Pankaj/Alex,

    Thanks for sharing input withus.

    could you share your personal email/contact, so we can reach you for more information or help


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      Hi Ravi,


      This Eswar, I need some help regarding testcomplete. could you provide your contact info or pls call me @91 9493402980.




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    I wouldn't place too much emphasis on the latest TC version and what it contains either.  I moved from a shop using scripting and TestComplete 5x to keyword tests and TestComplete 8x (now 9x) without any problems.