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A Tale Of Two Slaves


A Tale Of Two Slaves

We finally got our licensing issue straightened out and our master server can now simultaneously send one project to one slave and another project to a different slave. the slaves are identical and are running the same version of TestExecute, however one of the two slaves (QAS1 in the attached image) has no problem with any of the name mappings in the project while the second slave (QAS2) doesn't seem to be able to recognize anything. I started this test last night before leaving work. QAS1 finished within 15 minutes and QAS2 was still running this morning when i arrived. I would really love to know if this is TestExecute related or not. I will researching this issue today to see if there is anything different about the servers themselves but wanted to put this out there in case anyone else has ever seen this type of behavior and what could be done about it. I probably won't be able to get back to researching the DblClick issue until i get this issue resolved.


On a separate and unrelated note, can anyone tell me why, so often, when a remote session kicks off that the Microsoft Store splash screen pops up and stays in the background?  Microsoft Store is not one of my TestedApps and I can't figure out why it keeps getting opened up on the remote RDP.






forgot to upload the image. i also uploaded on of the Microsoft Store that keeps popping up.

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@GradyJr  I've seen this Microsoft store popup locally when I start a keyword test.  I cannot duplicate it regularly though. I've also seen the Windows\Settings dialog popup when kicking off a keyword test.  And I've actually had both of them popup before.  I've been unable to figure out what is going on though...

At this point I don't think the splash screen is interferring with my tests (as long as it goes and stays in the background and doesn't cause an overlapping window issue) but it is annoying. 

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Agreed, never impacted my tests...just odd.

The one possiblity for it might be that it is "pinned" on the taskbar. Just for grins, I'm going to unpin everything from the taskbar on my slave machines in case there was somehow some sort of rogue click event that was reaching down to that point on the screen. If that takes care of it and i never see it again, i'll let you know.


In order to troubleshoot this issue we installed a copy of TestComplete on the remote system where TestExecute was already installed. When I change the remote application on the Network Suite | Jobs to TestComplete, it runs fine. When its pointing to TestExecute on this system it fails. Does this indicate anyting to anyone?  Is it still related to a TestExecute licensing issue or something?



I noticed a thread about name mapping in which it was suggested to check the release versions of the products. I'm attaching a couple of screenshotes showing the versions of both the TestExecute and TestComplete installed on the remote system. Again, when i point the Network Suite to the TestComplete on the remote system, it runs. When I point it to the TestExecute it fails

Last post only allowed me to attache one image

Here's something for the Store issue:

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