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data-driven testing help


data-driven testing help

Hi all I am using TestComplete and trying out the data driven testing tutorial in the help file. I used the recording script option, and recorded a script that performs one test iteration. When I run it, it works but when I divide the whole script into several routines(as instructed in the help file) and run the script I get an error.

In the populate form routine I receive this error

Object required: 'orders'

Unit: "Unit2" Line: 20 Column: 3.

Can anyone tell me what I'm missing I'll be posting the script routine that has an error

RE: data-driven testing help

Hi Rachelle,

You did not modify the resulting routines in the correct way. Please see "Modifying the Main Routine Code", "Modifying the OpenForm, PopulateForm, Checkpoint, CloseForm, CloseApplication Routines" and below sections of the "4: Modifying Script and Assigning Input Values" tutorial help topic. Also, you can find the complete test script in the end of the topic.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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