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TC12.3 Distributive Testing: Cannot load the remote project

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TC12.3 Distributive Testing: Cannot load the remote project

I am in the process of trying to configure a simple Distributive Test Project that will use 1 master and 2 slaves

to perform a basic open IE, do a search, click a link, and then close the IE browser test.


I have taken the TestComplete 12.3 Sample Distributive example for JScript and modified it to do the above.


Host slaves configured to 'Manual' and can Verify successfully.

Jobs (IETest)  /Task (DoIETest) added for the 2 Slaves

Code added in the correct spot.

I can successfully Copy Project to Slave


When running the Master_JScript or doing a Verify on the Job/Task for either Slave,

I am getting the following error.


Cannot load the remote project. The project file C:\SlaveProjects\Master.pjs was not found on the remote computer.

Please copy it manually there or modify the network suite's properties to deploy the project to the remote computer automatically


Watching the Master and Slaves, the correct code is on the Slaves, TestComplete opens up,

a short pause, and then closes, and no IE test run.

So it is trying, and this seems to be the area of the issue.


I am confused here on why TestComplete is looking for the Master.pjs the way it is.

The path that TestComplete has constructed to use below is not correct if it is really

trying to find the Master.pjs file.


This would contain the Master.pjs file:



I can go one of the Slaves and Open up the

C:\SlaveProjects\Slave\Slave.pjs and and run my Main function which

successfully runs of IE test.


My issue seems to lie on the Jobs/Task setup


For my Task,

my Test area is set as the following:   'Slave_JScript\Script\Slave_JS\DoIETest'


This is my path to the where I would call DoIETest:


Base path:  C:\SlaveProjects\


C:\SlaveProjects\Slave\JScript\Script\   contains my DoIETest() function.


TC somehow pieces this path together ???

Just don't know what Master.pjs is being asked for.


Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.






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Re: TC12.3 Distributive Testing: Cannot load the remote project

Reposting this ... original never showed up

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Re: TC12.3 Distributive Testing: Cannot load the remote project

This has been an experience how things need to be set for Distributed Testing to work.


So, I have figured out the solution.


I knew my issue lies in the are of the Jobs/Tasks.

Verification never passed.



There is a column not shown by Default called:  'Project file name'

I added it to the Jobs/Tasks column headers to be shown.


For the existing items from the test sample, I saw this was filled in as such:

i.e.  \Slave\Slave.pjs


For my new Jobs/Tasks, mine was empty.

So for all, if empty, it Defaults to look for Master.pjs

I have set my to '\Slave\Slave.pjs'


My Distributed Test now work.

I have to tweak the log sync at the end.


SO yeah !!!!!



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