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5 years ago

TestComplete: Distributed Testing using test script tags ?

Has anyone done any work in this area yet to establish a form of Distributed Testing to Slave machines using the new functionality of tagging scripts of the area they cover.


Exploring to create a setup for DevOps Cont. Testing using Distriubuted testing using tags to kick off script runs by the way they are tagged.



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    Hrm....   I haven't done such work, but a couple of thoughts.


    1) The vary structure of creating "Jobs" to run on slave machines means you are manually selecting what is to be run at the time you create the job.  So, it's almost redundant to use "tags" to achieve the result, especially since I don't believe the creation of a job is something that can be done in code.


    2) Even if creating jobs is something that can be done in code, I don't recall whether or not "tags" are something that are accessible at Runtime.  That would also create a barrier in doing so as you would have no means of filtering out items based upon tag.