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Object.Click Action cannot click the right position

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Object.Click Action cannot click the right position

I want to click the MovieClip("nextButton") on the page, so use Obj.Click Action. But the position seems wrong.  Please see the screenshot. How can I use the correct coordination and click the right position? Is there any way to get the position by script?

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Re: Object.Click Action cannot click the right position

Are you able from Object spy to capture the Button image, etc.


From the attributes, you could obtain the width and height of the button and with

some applied math use the x and y to set a point to click on for this specific button.


Use the x and y to go from the (0,0) point inward by increasing this point.


You can go from the bottom right corner point (xMax,yMax) and decrease to

back back inwards.



I experience this with some buttons every now and then and this approach helps.


Hope this approach can get you past the block.






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Re: Object.Click Action cannot click the right position

Is this a Flash application?  What it looks like is that the flash layer is not lined up with the page itself.  Make sure your page is maximized on screen and that you've gone through all the necessary configuration in testing flash applications.

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