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License reservation for specific user


License reservation for specific user


Is there a way to reserve 1 or more licenses (sessions) for a specific user?

We use TestComplete (actually TestLeft, but the question is relevant for both cases) and want to execute tests as part of our CI system. For that we need to make sure that there are X free licenses for our build agents to use.


Our build agents are dynamically and automatically deployed, so we thought about using a specific user (as IP or name are completely dynamic) to identify the build agents in the license server.


Is that possible? Is there a better approach?


Thank you!

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Re: License reservation for specific user



You may consider node-locked license for the CI server and queue the tasks that require it.

It is not possible to allocate Floating license to some specific user according to my knowledge.

One possible approach for the Floating licenses:

-- Talk to Smartbear Sales or Support and ask them to split your floating license (e.g. if you have 10 floating licenses, you may ask to split them as 4+6 with 4 licenses allocated for CI and 6 for general use);

-- Install additional license server on the separate machine and configure it to allow connections only from CI and build agents machines/addresses (yes, you will need to define the range of allowed addresses somehow);

-- Setup your CI server/build agents to use licenses for their dedicated license server and all other users to use licenses from the common license server.


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Re: License reservation for specific user

Thanks for the answer AlexKaras.

It is not ideal, but the approach you suggest is the workaround a had in mind. So if there is no other way, that is what I will try.

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