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Customizing Reports using TestComplete

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Customizing Reports using TestComplete

Hi Guys,

Whenever any user action is performed using TestComplete the default report includes some comments as

The window was clicked with the right mouse button.

The menu item 'Add New Group' was clicked.

Keyboard input.

The window was clicked with the right mouse button. 

The window was clicked with the left mouse button.

any idea how we can ignore these from appearing on the report and have only our customized logging appear ?

Also whats the best way to convert .mht reports into more customizable html reports that can be sent inside the email body ?

any help would be appriciated
Community Manager

RE: Customizing Reports using TestComplete



You can use the Log.LockEvents method to prevent TestComplete from posting such event messages to the Test Log.

Tanya Gorbunova
SmartBear Community Manager

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