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Click method not accepted in chrome

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Re: Click method not accepted in chrome

Hi Vivek72


Even i have similar problem in clicking the buttons in  span elements.i'm working in Chrome browser.

I can able to find those buttons through "FindChildByXpath() and EvaluateXpath() methods " but throws back an error while clicking those buttons as "Click is not a function".

So Please suggest  a way to resolve this issue. 

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Re: Click method not accepted in chrome



As it has been noted several times on this forum, search by XPath is the worst approach in TestComplete's world and should be used only when nothing else works.

One of the reasons for this is that (as it is noted in the documentation) search by XPath may return either object that is wrapped (supported) by TestComplete or native DOM object.

.Click() (with the capital 'C') is the wrapping method provided by TestComplete. Obviously, it is inaccessible for native DOM elements.

The generic approach if searching UI elements by XPath:

-- Search for the element;

-- If the element was found, check whether the native DOM element or the element wrapped by TestComplete was returned (to do this, you can check if some property specific to TestComplete (e.g. .Exists one) is supported with the help of the aqObject.IsSupported() function);

-- If the returned object is supported by TestComplete, you can use both TestComplete-specific and provided by DOM methods;

-- If the returned object is a native one, only native DOM methods (with some possible limitations) can be used in test code.

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