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Accessing cells in Delphi grids

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Accessing cells in Delphi grids


I need to access values of cell grids in a Delphi application. Testcomplete 7.5 recognizes these grids as TStringGrid and TDrawGrid. While trying to read the cell values of such a grid the following error message appears:

Error: An error occurred.

Possible reasons:

1. The application stopped responding.

2. The application was compiled incorrectly (see the Open Applications topic in the help system).

3. An error occurred in TestComplete.

Technical information:

96 0x80020006 (Unknown name.) Columns

Instead of Columns I also get GetVisibleRowCount,ColCount or RowCount depending on the object.

Now as far as I understand creating an open Delphi application means compiling the tested application with debug symbols. My question is: 

Is there ANY other way to read the values of those grid cells without shipping the whole application with debug symbols? For example feeding some additional information to Testcomplete, declaring properties inside the tested application as public or whatever? Please note that I need access to the values of all cells inside the grid, not just the ones that are currently visible on screen, so using the text recognition engine is not a good option.

Thanks in advance!

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RE: Accessing cells in Delphi grids

Hmm, does no answer mean there is no way to access those Delphi grid cells without debug information, or is this a completely unexplored topic for AQA?

RE: Accessing cells in Delphi grids


Yes, the errors you get mean that the tested application was compiled without debug information, while TestComplete needs it to access the data.

Consider using the StripTDS utility shipped with TestComplete to get external debug information for your Delphi modules. In this case, you can delete the debug info files from the shipment while being able to thoroughly test exactly the same build with TestComplete. To learn more, please see the "About StripTDS" help topic:

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