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Run TC 9.20 scripts on TC 14.10

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Run TC 9.20 scripts on TC 14.10

When running a script created on TC 9.20 within TC 14.10, an error message will say:

DelphiScript runtime error.
Unknown variable type during writing program
Error location:
Unit: "Ch_CORE\Ch_CORE\Script\Unit1"
Line: 5739 Column: 1.
The first problem is that it will not highlight any of the command line on script, but it will locate the prompter at the next line following to the last command line in script.
Any thoughts to approach this issue?
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Re: Run TC 9.20 scripts on TC 14.10

I have finally succeed to isolate the function where the error came from. The problem is in using a CASE with the result as numerical interval (e.g. 12..25 in DelphiScript). TC 9.20 does recognize this syntax, but last TC release doesn't.
In other words, the below function using DelphiScript syntax, won't work within last TC release, but will do within TC 9.20 and perhaps within other releases in between.


function CaseExemple: OleVariant;
var i:integer;
 for i:=0 to 200 do begin
  case i of
              if i=50 then Log.Message('This figure, '+IntToStr(i)+ ', is within 0-100 interval');
              if i=150 then Log.Message('This figure, '+IntToStr(i)+ ', is within 101-200 interval');
           else begin

  end; //of case
 end; //of for


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Re: Run TC 9.20 scripts on TC 14.10

@TanyaGorbunova I think this is something for the larger support team?  I've confirmed the problem.



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