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Extremly slow .Keys() typing


Extremly slow .Keys() typing



Recently, I've started experiencing a strange behaviour of TestExecute 14.7.

My tests, that are usually taking ~4hours to be executed each are now taking more than 10 hours to complete.

After some investigations, it looks like that the .Keys() function that we are using to simulate an user imput iscausing the problem.

In fact, even with the delay between two keys set to 1ms, I am now seeing 15s between each keys.

It looks like that the autowait timeout is bein used.

This behaviour is not happening for each tests, some are correctly using the 1ms delay between keys, and some are stuck with the 15s delay, triggering the timeout and cancelling the test...


I have cheched multiples times that the settings for each tests are correctly set ("Key pressing delay: 1ms"), and i'm not willing to use the .SetText function, as we really need to simulate a keyboard imput and not just setting text into a field.


I'm using three slave computers and this behaviour is present on all of them.


I have included a GIF showing the strange behaviour...


Any help ?

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Re: Extremly slow .Keys() typing



I would suggest to create a Support case via the form as it might require further investigation.

If the problem occurs not for all but just for a couple of controls you may try:

a) Use .SetText() instead of .Keys(). (If the control relies on characters to be typed, you may use .SetText() to set the whole required value but the last character and then type this character via the .Keys() method);

b) Store the value to be typed into clipboard and paste clipboard's content into control. Pseudo-code:

var control = <getControl>;


Sys.Clipboard = '<textToType>';



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Re: Extremly slow .Keys() typing

Hello again,

I'm currently with the TEstComplete support team, and they are investigating the issue.

This issue is not only impacting the .Keys method, but every GUI interactions.

I have found a workaround if someone is having the same problem: Use TestComplete 14.60, has it does not seems to have this issue.


I'll update this thread if I have more informations

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Re: Extremly slow .Keys() typing

Thanks for the update, @GGuezet.

We will be waiting for the news from you.

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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