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Unable to login to my account

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Unable to login to my account



I'm a free user of swagger hub :


I used to login with GmaAPI as a login but now an email is required.


What can I do ?





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I have the same problem. The account was created by someone else and the email address is not known (the email account has possibly been removed).
We usually log in and perform changes using only username + password.


How can we proceed?


best regards


Hello @pbergstrand @fvaletas 

Why not registering again with an email and then to fork your stuff under your new space ?


Yes, it's possible of course. But I would rather receive support to solve the login problem (i.e. set the correct email address on my account) than do that since I have documentation references going back to my created API:s + I don't like leaving the current account lingering with remnant API specs that grow increasingly incorrect over time (in case someone who knows where they were before go back).

I agree

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We are in the same situation, we've got the old userID and password, but we don't know what the old e-mail address was.  Pre-SmartBear it wasn't needed for login.  Has anyone been able to resolve this?


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Same issue here. We can't easily just setup a new account as we've used the public URL for the read-only access to the swagger documents in published documentation to external clients.

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Same here.

We do have the right password though. This would be the only way to prove it is us/our account.

Although the specs in the api lead to our domain anyway.

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