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SoapUI portable version

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SoapUI portable version

Hi. I'm trying to find a version of SoapUI that doesn't require an installer -- so it's "portable" and runs out of its own folder or can be put on a USB stick. I've not found it. I tried downloading the source code and installing it with Maven and Java JDK but that threw all kinds of exceptions. 


Is there a "portable" version of SoapUI free version? Thanks. 

Occasional Contributor

Re: SoapUI portable version


I think that there is no soapui portable edition. You can to create your own portable version, using an external program. Usualy those programs, create any installed application to portable app.


Googling your request i've found:


I hope you get the point 😉


Feel you find a sollution with this, its a good idea to share it with the community as, for sure, others may need to use your sollution.


Thank you



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