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Using HermesJMS with Maven plugin and on Jenkins

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Using HermesJMS with Maven plugin and on Jenkins

Im trying to get the Maven-plugin working on Jenkins with my HermesJMS tests. Is this even supported?


If so what do i specify as:

<con:setting id="ProjectSettings@hermesConfig">c:\\.hermes</con:setting>


I want hermes-config to be located in the same place as my project and to use a relative path, not an absolute.

How is Jenking aware of Hermes? Does the Maven plugin handle this?

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Re: Using HermesJMS with Maven plugin and on Jenkins

I do not use Maven Plugin, but hermesJMS.


It took a while initially to figure out and configure hermesJMS to work with JMS vendor in SoapUI using google search.


Based on that here are common challenges that have to be faced


HermesJMS configuration file needs to have the required jms libraries.

Library/Project files location can be different on each computer.

Again configuring on machine may be difficult / duplicating effort and may time taking at times.

And hermes configuration path needs to updated for each new project that is opened in soapui.


So, I would suggest as below:



You may first configure hermesJMS on one machine.


To do that, first update hermesJMS home in the preferences -> tools and save it.


Configure the libraries along with their host:port and credentials, factory details, of course, libraries to be added to class path.


Once the connections is successful, then open the hermes-config.xml and put a place holders for the library file paths, so that it would be easy to change them for different computer when needed. This pre-configured hermes-config.xml with place holders be placed in your project files or repository.


Finally, update the Hermes configuration path property for the soapui project.


Explained how this can be done manually.


Note that, this can be done automatically either in Java or Groovy using soapUI API to change the preferences and string(placeholder) replacement in hermes-config.xml (so that you use the preconfigured file under your project only instead of placing it outside) and Heremes Config file path for the project.


If you write the Utility, you may achieve it in Maven as a step (before running the actual tests), I believe.


Hope this is helpful.



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