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Template-Driven Testing with soapUI v1.7.6

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Template-Driven Testing with soapUI v1.7.6

Hi, unless I'm missing something, the Template-Driven Testing described on paragraph 1.9.2 of soapUI v1.7.6 Project Documentation is assuming that the same Test Case Context instance is shared between all Load runs (when performing
a Load Test with 1 Thread and n Runs)

But this is not what I'm observing. For a each run, a new Test Case Context instance is created and then therefore all control data are lost (like index) between Test Case runs.

Could be that in v2.0 Test Suite (String) properties can be used to store some index or position. Until then I only see the use of some external persistent mechanism (like File or Database) to share that Information between Test Case runs (in a sequencial Load Test).

Is that correct ?

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you are correct regarding the recreation of the context between each run. Maybe you could use the LoadTestContext object available in the TestRunContext for this (this is a "global" context for all testcases in the loadtest);

def loadTestContext = context.LoadTestContext

//this will be null when running the testcase "alone"
if( loadTestContext != null )

Otherwise using TestSuite properties is definitely an option..

Hope this helps!


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