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Shared workspaces

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Shared workspaces

First of all, I'm a newbie to Soap UI.


There are a number of us developers in our group. The concept of workspaces seems a simple and logical way to split test cases. Let's assume I need to test a program (ABC123) and i have 2 test environments (env1 & env2). 

We DON'T want to create loads of private test cases, so the logical (?) answer is to put them all on a network drive that everyone can access.

The  next step (?) would be to create one workspace that ONLY contains ABC123 för env1 and another one that contains ABC123 for env2.


My question is this. If I open the env1 workspace, what happens if someone else ALSO opens it while I'm still using it? Do they get any sort of a warning. 

Next question. If I add a test case to env1 and the other person adds a different test case as well to their copy, is it a case of "the last one to save is happy, the first one is left wondering what happened to their case".



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Hi @misi01,


As far as my knowledge says in context of this Scenario, you will get a notification that when you close or try to save your Project that

Your Project got modified externally. Do You want to Overwrite.


Try with a dummy one and check what happens, so that you will get to know about it and by mistakenly don't update your original one.

By the way if you are using ReadyAPI, there is a feature of Composite Project. By this way multiple Team Members can work on same project at same time.

And In Free Version, there is a feature in WSDL settings called Pretty Print


Do visit the URLs and give it a try!!


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Thanks and Regards,

Himanshu Tayal






Click "Accept as Solution" if my answer has helped,
Remember to give "Kudos" 🙂 ↓↓↓↓↓

Thanks and Regards,
Himanshu Tayal
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