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No Property-Transfer Wizard Icon

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No Property-Transfer Wizard Icon

I'm using SoapUI 5.4.0 free version, but I do not see the Property-Transfer Wizard icon referenced in the picture below found online. Is this feature only available in newer or paid versions?



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Hello, this graphical Xpath picker is paid version only feature. It is however possible to create this Xpath by hand or use some other external editor that does the same trick. For example notepad++ has XMLTools plugin that can be used to pick a certain part of the XML document as an xpath.


If you do have namespaces also defined in XML document (for example in SOAP response cases) then you should also define those namespaces above the XPath statement.


Some Xpath tutorial just in case:



I think it would be good idea to move to the latest 5.7.0 version of open source version. It does not provide improvement towards Xpath GUI but there are other benefits. The latest version does not anymore have this smartbear plugin signature verification so it is possible to write your own plugins and run them in SoapUI without requiring Smartbear to sign them.

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