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Any plugins to reflect SOAPUI results on Jenkins icon?

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Any plugins to reflect SOAPUI results on Jenkins icon?

I've integrated SOAPUI with Jenkins and am able to successfully run the test case using a batch file.. But I wish the jenkins icon reflect the same result what SOAPUI has got..



Say if there's a failure in SOAPUI execution, jenkins would still display SUCCESS icon as there were no build failure.. But I want jenkins icon to display a failure whenever there's failure in SOAPUI.

Any leads would be really helpful..

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There is not anything like that.


Thanks nmrao.. 


But any work around to achieve the same?

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What command are you using in jenkins? ant / maven / testrunner to execute the project?

Jenkins job is to execute the command and it is done successfully. Why do you want to make it fail?


I've been triggering jenkins using a batch file which actually has testrunner.bat command.


And I wish to achieve is to help the end user to check the test case results only if there's jenkins failure. If not, user would consider the test case is executed successfully.

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I am using similar way of integrating soapUI on jenkins. What I did is, I have assertions in all of my soapUI test steps, and with command line arguments, i am generating results for each step in the form testSuite-testCase-testStep.ok.txt for success and testSuite-testCase-testStep.Failed.txt for failed assertions.

Next is to use Console parser plugin, which can parse the console output. The above generated soapUI step result files can be passed to parser plugin to show build as failed (Red) or passed (Blue) status.


If you use the soapui-maven-plugin you can enable the setting to produce JUnit reports from the soapui test, its most likely possible to do from the test runner aswell but I don't know the arguments, it's in the gui though. Jenkins understands JUnit reports and would mark the build unstable if there are any test failures.

And make sure you use assertions of course, not really a test otherwise! 🙂
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