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Testcase development UI feature

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Testcase development UI feature

not really sure if this suggestion will work or useful but here it goes. When I write my testcases I typically clone other testcases and testsuites and then refine the testcases to work as desired. This normally takes a few hours/days.

I notice that when I come back next day it takes me some time to figure out which test I had finished scripting and while are still under development.

It would be nice to maybe right click on the testcase/testsuite and select 'under development / scripted/ready/etc' which would put some nice icon next to the testcase so that as soon as I open my project I know where to start from.


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Re: Testcase development UI feature

Hi Ali,

How about a "Todo List" on the project level where you can add entries with references to any item in project tree? soapUI could (optionally) add entries to this list automatically when creating new testcases/testsuites/etc.. !?


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