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Report generation on project level is not possible anymore.

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Report generation on project level is not possible anymore.

Within SoapUI Pro it was possible to generate a report on project level. All test cases within the project where represented in this report. Within SoapUI NG (Ready API!) the report button is disabled on project level! Is it possible to enable report generation on project level? I can't fin'd any solution so far.

All our projects are tested in this way, so a solution is needed.


Project level reports can be generated by clicking on the project, then the "Report" button:




Not solved in my opinion. It seams that running test suites on project level the test run will not end. (See attached image). All test suites are finished but the test is still running, so the report button is not available. How to solve?still running soapui.png


Ready! API version 1.5.0

OS: Xubuntu linux


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Have you tried running using testrunner?

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@nmrao Thanks for your suggestion. I don't know whether Testrunner is an option. We have to investigate how to create a PDF with testrunner. We prefer offcourse the genereation of the report from Ready API GUI.


The problem only occures within my Linux version, the Windows version all tests are finished so the print report button is enabled. So we run our tests on a Windows machine now. Perhaps a new version on Linux will solve the problem. Lets hope so.



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