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Regarding Data Driven Testing

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Regarding Data Driven Testing

I reaching out to you for Data Driven Tests.
I have one Excel file as a Data Source with 2 worksheets in that.
I need to enter both worksheet data while sending a payload.
Is there any way that we can get 2 worksheets on board simultaneously?

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I cannot readily think of a solution with ReadyAPI here.  You can have two datasources in a test, but the 'inner' would run per row of the outer, but that doesn't sound like what you want.


You might find it easier to use Excel to create a sheet that pulls in the values from the two sheets of interest and then use the new sheet as your datasource.


It's possible to do this by referencing the row of data you want to target and use a script or some counter in your test case when referencing values from the second data source. You would use the following format to pass those values in. 

Alternatively, it might be quicker to combine the two sheets of data into a new sheet in excel. 

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Can you please share the detail of how and where to add this ${DataSouceTestStep#DataSourceProperty::RowNumber}?


Sure, the details are at the bottom of the resource page for the Data Source Test Step.

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