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I want to enter value in a popup text box using groovyscript can some one suggest me how to do that?

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I want to enter value in a popup text box using groovyscript can some one suggest me how to do that?



While running groovy script I am getting one pop up text box to enter some values and below that text box i am getting "okay" and "Cancel" button can someone suggest me how to enter value in that pop up text box and click on Okay button using groovy script.



Note: On Right click there is not get data option present

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Hi @Sandeep96 ,


I don't quite follow.  You run a Groovy script that presents a modal window and you want to populate that via Groovy script?  Have to admit, I have never seen Groovy display a modal window.  Can you clarify further and possibly add the script and some screenshots?



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with this Groovy script:


import javax.swing.*

def popup = {
JFrame jframe = new JFrame()
String answer = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(jframe, it)

def mytext = popup("Enter a text") "text inserted: " + mytext


I'm able to enter a value in a popup:



Hello @Ilario72 

Here is a sample that captures the content entered into a prompt from a groovy script.  I am not aware of external tools that run against groovy to press buttons for you however.  Like ChrisAdams indicated that is a very odd use case and I am just hoping i am misinterpreting the question. 'Test Step "' + + '" start...'; "";

def testcaseNameFilePath = 'C:\\Temp\\FHIR MolecularSequence Testcase Files\\';
def titleStr = 'Prompt';
def questionStr = 'Path of input testcase name files?                                         ';
def valueStr = testcaseNameFilePath;
def fileInput =, titleStr, valueStr).toString();
assert (fileInput), "Path can not be empty"; "fileInput response=$fileInput";
//testRunner.testCase.testSteps["Properties"].setPropertyValue( "testcaseNameFilePath", fileInput); ""; 'Test Step "' + + '" finish...';
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Hey @Sandeep96 


sorry Im a little late in responding as I've been on holiday.


I'm intrigued by this - can I ask:


- what's the purpose of the groovy script?  why would a script that halts the execution of the testcase be added?

-after inputting a value into the editable field and selecting 'OK' to submit the value, how is this value being used later in the script?

- the groovy script test step in the image you provide - is there further groovy in the step or is what is displayed in the image the entirety?

-if the value is used by other steps in your testcase, would it not increase efficiency/automation by finding another means of providing this value - i..e then allowing you to remove the groovy step completely?





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I think @Sandeep96 answered his own question.


I think the requirement was... "Using Groovy script, how do I display a pop-up/modal window; let the user input text; capture the answer in a variable?".

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