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How to assert array response


How to assert array response

"id" : "1234",
"jsonfield1" : {
"jsonfield" : "xyz"


I got this response of my API. I dont know how to assert array.

Generally, I store in hashmap


def response_string = messageExchange.response.responseContent

def response_slurper = new JsonSlurper()
def response_hashmap = response_slurper.parseText(response_string)

assert =="123"

Its failing here since its an array. 


Looking for a snippet.

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I would supply a snippet, but i cannot validate the json you presented in your sample...  the json editors I dropped your json into all returned a parse error.  The json sluper in SoapUI could not parse either.  Did you hand code the example or cut and paste directly from API response?  I cannot reproduce with your supplied sample.



Hi Todd,


This is the correct JSON

"id": "1234",
"name": "xyz",
"jsonfield1": {
"jsonfield": "xyz"

Hello henil_shah,


I think just adding an element number of the array/list to the assertion will work for you.  Groovy script sample below.



import groovy.json.*;

def jsonSampletxt = '''
"id": "1234",
"name": "xyz",
"jsonfield1": {
"jsonfield": "xyz"

def jsonSampleobj = new JsonSlurper().parseText(jsonSampletxt);
jsonSampleobj.each { item -> 'item=' + item.toString();
}; 'jsonSampleobj.size()= ' + jsonSampleobj.size(); ' '; '' +; '[0]=' +[0]; '' +; '[0]=' +[0];

assert[0] == '1234', "Element 0 of .id Array/List should be equal to '1234'";
assert[0] == 'xyz', "Element 0 of .name Array/List should be equal to 'xyz'"; 'Test Step "' + + '" done...';
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Hello everyone, 


@TNeuschwanger thanks for the assistance, it is much appreciated!


@henil_shah, have you had a chance to try the solution that Todd provided? Does it work for you?

We are looking forward to hearing from you!



Olga Terentieva
SmartBear Assistant Community Manager

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