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How to assert a JSON response which have results in random order everytime ?

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How to assert a JSON response which have results in random order everytime ?

For exmaple: Response for GET /cat/cat-123/contains/kitten


"action": "get",
"status": "200",
"entities": [
"type": "kitten",
"created": 1472669778713,
"modified": 1472669778713,
"alias": "kitten-1",
"name": "kitten-1"
"type": "kitten",
"created": 1472669781833,
"modified": 1472669781833,
"alias": "kitten-2",
"name": "kitten-2"


Here the response will randomly order kitten-1 and kitten-2 for every GET on this. if I add a JSONPath Match aessrtion $.entities[0].alias = kitten-1 and $.entities[1].alias = kitten-2, it will be PASS now. But it will fail in my next attempt of execution as the value will randonly change and it will become kitten-2 and kitten-1 in order.


How I can add a assertion that the "alias" attribute in response can either be  kitten-1 or kitten-2 ??


If all else fails you can write a Groovy Script step that plucks these values out of this step's response and looks at each one.  To make this easier, Ready!API provides a "Get Data" feature that's pretty slick.  To use it, first run your test step that gets this JSON response.  Then create a Groovy Script test step, and in the text field for that, right click, and select "Get Data".  Then just follow the menus to the value you want.

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Not familiar with JsonPath.


However, below Script Assertion should help you achieve the same.



import groovy.json.JsonSlurper
//Here defined the expected list def expectedList = ['kitten-1', 'kitten-2'] ​​​​def json = ​new JsonSlurper().parseText(context.response)
//The result is sorted in the below statement def actualList = json.entities.alias.sort()
//Hence, order should not matter for asserting the response. assert actualList == expectedList​, "Response alias names don't match"


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