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Executing Projects remotely

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Executing Projects remotely

While running loadtests or regular functional tests, sometimes we need to run a project on a specific machine. The reasons are.

1. For load testing we distribute the load across multiple load generation servers to maximize the load on the application. This means that different projects need to be loaded on different load gen servers. Therefore I have to go each load gen machine, load a project and start the tests.
2. For functional testing we notice that some QA Engineers have some required files on their own computer and the test breaks if we do not run the script on their computer. This is definitely bad scripting but it still happens.

As a solution to these problems. It would be really awesome to have a feature in soapUI where I can have a central soapUI console which allows me the following.
1. copy a local project to a remote computer and launch it on the remote computer (provided it has soapUI installed) - ideal for load tests
2. launch a project remotely given the location of the project on the remote computer. - ideal for functional tests

Currently I am doing this using SysInternal Psexec but an integrated solution would be even better.


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Hi Ali,

thanks for these suggestions.. Although neither if these is possible (with soapUI) right now, the new "Remote Project" feature in 1.7.6 (and latest snapshot) might at least help you out in your current setup; it basically allows you to specify a http(s) url to a project file in both soapUI (when importing) and for the command-line runners for executing tests in a central project file. So in your case you would at least not have to distribute updated project files to local nodes where tests are executed (if I understood you correctly..).

Hope this helps for now.. stay tuned 🙂


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