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9 years ago

Command line execution from remote directory

I am trying to execute testrunner from a location other than readyapi_home\bin\testrunner.bat


I've tried several different ways of doing this and tried searching the forums but can't seem to find any questions about this.


Does anyone know how to accomplish this? I am using the Windows version, it seems like this is possible on the Linux version and I have found several examples for that but nothing for Windows.

  • May be you are true, I may not understand the point and that why I asking for information.


    See how would any one know how one is using a product unless it is told.


    I would like to remind you that this forum is public and open for all the members. And I believe you know how to contact SmartBear support.


    • ready-api.bat/sh can be invoked without any parameters, so shortcuts works.
    • where as testrunner.bat/sh needs parameter. so it can't be applied the same above rule and use it using shortcut. has to be deal differently.

    Here is how I would do it:

    #1: when options and project to execute are variable

    • Add READYAPI_HOME\bin to PATH environment variable
    • open command prompt and run testrunner.bat <options> [note that you do not have to go READYAPI_HOME\bin directory to invoke]

    #2: when options  and project are fixed

    • create a batch file with absolute path of testurnner along with all the options
    • run this batch file from command line or create a short cut for this file





  • I believe you need to use the following contents in batch file:

    cd C:\Program Files\SmartBear\ReadyAPI-1.7.0-m-SNAPSHOT\bin

    call testrunner.bat <options>

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