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Assert JSON response and identify outstanding items


Assert JSON response and identify outstanding items

For a functional testing, a rest step relies in an API specification outlining the expected data model defined in each method, to check the response with Swagger Assertion

Also, we are using the smart assertion to check data.


However, is there any option that would also alert about additional objects in the response that are not described in the contract? 

For example

If response should have element




and response is






Both Swagger Assertion and Smart assertion will complete succesfully and we would like it to fail because "b" is not defined in the data model. 

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If the response keys are fixed, then you can check them from actual response keys and fail if keys are different.

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Hey @emmanuelgalindo 


unsure if I understand correctly, but if you want to assert on the non-existence of a json attribute you can do that with a json match existence assertion where path to attribute that shouldn't be present should be set to 'false'





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