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Adding tescase description


Adding tescase description


I use Ready API pro version, as I work on multiple projects its hard to keep up with the requirements for each testcase. I know the testcase property has a field description but I wonder if it is pissible to have a description tab like the requirement tab just with a text box where I can copy text and past or import a document. So that I can have the main points for that test case like a quick refernce. The requirement tab is good but I would like to have the convenience of just importing a small document or copy/past.


I have one ,ore request. Is it possible to add an option to selecting all the custome properties and delete? We can only delete one by one now. Somtimes I need to clean up the dynamically created properties and fields so tha I can have a clean set.



SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi Jayasree,


I don’t see an option to add a description to the entire test case. This sounds like a good product improvement suggestion! You can submit it to our Feature Requests forum so that other community members could vote for it.

In the meantime, I think you can use a custom property where you can add a short description of your test.


Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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