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Log scrolling control

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by hmanastasi on ‎03-14-2017 12:13 PM

It would be helpful if a user was able to choose whether or not they wish to have Logs scroll as they populate or not. Each log (Error, HTTP, Script, etc) should have their own setting and not have one setting to rule them all. I have created several scripted assertions with a great bit of detail. I have to wait until the test is finished running before I can describe or research the error I am receiving. This is not very efficient when I have individuals assisting with debugging of an application.


Heather A.

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Can we have a feature to launch all Project files in one click from the Test Runner or using a batch file parallelly and have one consolidate report generated for all the Projects.



Requesting for an enhancement to repeat the every HTTP/REST request for n times with specified delay between each trials until it passes its assertions.


We are facing a problem in our testing while using two web interfaces.  The first REST send a request to second HTTP/REST service which will take some time (Not sure, it may be from 60secs to 300secs anywhere). With a hard coded delay, it was very tough and wasting lot of time for testing.


With this feature, it saves lot of time and effort. I knew this can be done through conditional step, but it has so much work involved with each step.


BTW, basic behavior of any HTT/REST request should not change by default. it should behave like as usual now. One more this is, it is test step level feature.

We have 100+ SOAP UI test cases that needs to be tested together to validate our infrastructure capacity. I went through the Ready API Load UI NG and I can see that only one test case can be added

to a scenario. Adding one test case to one scenario is not a good option for us.


Nice to Have :It would be nice if we have grid like option for a scenario where we can add mulptile test cases to the same scenario  ( please see the attached image).


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It would be handy if there were a way to select enum parameters in the SOAP field that were marked with the [Flags] attribute in the UI. Today your presented with a free form textbox and must type in the enum values which can be error prone and tedious when dealing with bitmask enums. Perhaps some sort of popup with checkbox? Normal enums give you a convenient dropdown list, even that would be helpful.


Case #00113986: enums marked with Flags attribute don't bubble up into the UI

I also saw an similar request on the forums...

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 We are trying to use the WSDL to document generation process and if WSDL has the external reference for schema, it does not showup in documentation. Checked with Latest Pro version also. Its same behaviour. Let me know if this can addressed in any version or patch.



Dinesh Shetty

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Scroll up and down feature in environments

Status: New Idea
by Chowdhary on ‎07-26-2016 11:15 AM

Scroll up and down feature in environments tab can be helpful for reorder the environments. we don't have the feature in Ready API 1.7.0


Can we have this feature in upcoming update.


7-26-2016 Smartbear Comm.JPG

Status: New Idea

Ability to run SoapUI Pro project in parallel from command line. 


In our execution log, it says following (RunType=Sequential)  - We want to have RunType=Parallel

21:04:36,105 INFO  [SoapUIProTestCaseRunner] Running Project [Card-Requirement], runType = SEQUENTIAL


This is high priority for us because our test cases are getting large and taking too long to execute on Jenkins master/slave configurations. and also directly impacting our sprint schedule velocity. We need to speed up test case execution from CI automation system



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Organize Projects - drag/drop

Status: New Idea
by cmitchko227 on ‎07-14-2015 07:47 AM

I'd like the ability to organize projects in a way that is meaninful to me by dragging/dropping them in the project list.


Status: New Idea
by goliontus on ‎03-06-2017 12:56 AM



I would like to suggest the development of a FTP/SFTP TestStep where I can FTP a generated DataSink file.


That will assist me greatly in automating an entire end to end process without the need for Groovy.


Thank you.





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Have two separate proxy confgurations

Status: New Idea
by egandrew on ‎08-28-2015 08:35 AM

When proxying communication thru Burp, all kinds of other noisy junk also goes thru the proxy.  This should go thru a differant HTTP connection, not my proxy connection.


The noise includes calls to for '/3.0/projects/5437ff7138314418e4e2b240/events/FEATURE_USAGE' mostly.

But, there are a lot of other communications that actually cause more than just annoyances.


At startup, if I'm configured for a 'license server' connection, this goes thru my proxy too, which is totally unecessary.  

If my burp-proxy happens not to be running at all, the application is very unforgiving and launches with blank panels and hangs.


Thanks for listening.


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Every time Ready! API opens, it opens in the Start page.


However, personally, I never use this page and always have to manually change to the SoapUI NG page.


A configuration option to allow us to tell Ready! API which page to open to on startup would be nice.


It should include the following options:

  • Start
  • Projects
  • SoapUI NG
  • LoadUI NG
  • Secure and Services

Please make the left navigation panes remember their hidden/visible status between sessions.  Most applications remember these types of settings, and it is a shortcoming in Ready! API.


This should include settings for all items in the View menu.  Currently, none of them remember their settings between sessions.


It's more user friendly to have these panes remember this settings.  Otherwise, if someone wants View settings that are different from the default, they have to manually re-set them after ever restart of Ready! API.  (e.g. The new API Navigation pane--since it uses a lot of space and causes issues with pushing the Properties pane off the screen, so I have to repeatedly manually hide it now).

ReadyAPI ServiceV right hand window viewing/editing pane has a number of script nodes that have a script editing area that is not able to be resized vertically.  Only 5 lines of script are visible when it should be able to grow as desired.  Start Script, Stop Script, OnRequest Script and AfterRequest Script cannot be grown more that 5 lines.  That takes a while to scroll through when those scripts are many lines long.

Status: Implemented

Implemented in Ready! API 1.6

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Just starting to work with TestServer.  Our environment is Gradle/Groovy based.  It would be very helpful to have sample Groovy scripts for working with TestServer.  The shell-based sample code (curl) is generic and good for getting started, but having Groovy-based sample code would help accelerate adoption in our environment.

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CA Agile central formally know as rally. it was used by many organizations and those organization us the ready API.


Rally has the test case, test plan and defects. its a agile management tool.


so many companies are moving from ready API to other tools, because of integration.


if we have an integration with rally, it will be huge benefit for me and company/other companies.





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The idea is to send bytes frame (not string representing bytes) in message body on MQTT topic without using any additional files, so MQTT could decode it. Currently the only value we can send is a String.


I had entered a ticket and got reffered to the community board for this enhancement request. I've notice since the release of Ready_API 1.4 several GUI memory related issues. Mostly because the current project that I an on required sucha large list on parameters, approximately 150. This has proven to be problematic when creating a datasource with a long list or a simalarly large number of assertions.


Having said that, the paarticular issue is as follows. I created approx. 150 test assertion, most of them were simple Match Content, comparing the Datasource Feed, with the output of a JDBC test step. I did this assuming thatthere would always be data, or particulatly formated data coming from the file feeding the datasource.  Well when I had a difference from what I was expecting aI had an "Oh S@#$T" moment. Now I have to delete 150 assertions and recreate 150 script assertions.


Proposal: Enable the  Assertion's "Expected Result" window to accept multiple expect data using logical AND/OR (&&/||) statements (See attachment). I know that there is a similar feature using th eAssertion test step, but its too bulky and wouldn't be worth the effort vs replacing with a script assertion. It also heps the script to me a bit more maintainable as future releases present similar siuations. 

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Tracing back to interface testcase

Status: New Idea
by jsreesoap on ‎01-29-2016 05:47 PM

As my project is getting bigger I find it difficult to trace a test case  from Testsuite back to its interface test case. Will be nice to have an option to trace it back. Like right click on test case and click on go to  interface test case or something like that. Also it is nice to have the option of flagging testcase like under construction, needs a fix, add test data something like that. Suppose I am working on some test cases/scripts in different projects it should be easy for me to find which one of those I was working on the previous day so that I need not keep tack of my work😀


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I use Reday API licensed version. Ocassionally I need to delete all custom properties so taht I can have a clean set. As my scripts create custom properties dynamically it will be nice  to have option to select multiple to delete.