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9 months ago
New Idea

Make "Run Test Case" properties multi line

When sending in data and returning data from a Run Test Case step, each property is single line. This is fine for simple values, but not particularly user-friendly for structured data like JSON. The properties could be multi line with the possibility of scrolling. Currently, I need to copy the data out and use a tool to reformat the data so it is readable. 




A quick mock-up of what it might potentially look like :


We use Run Test Case for things like putting a wrapper round an API call, (with error handling, retry, filtering, mapping functionality etc.) so if an API changes we only need to change it in one place rather than in each test case. We pass the whole JSON payload in and the whole JSON Response back. (If for some reason it would break existing functionality then have an "enable multi-line" checkbox)

ALTERNATIVLY: If not possible, then a button at the end of the table row to open the value in a new window (similar to a the Groovy Script run result-output):


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