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Linking requirements to tests is a time-consuming task - there is no quick and easy way to do it. It would be great if you could include the path/name of the requirement(s) a test should be linked to in the CSV file that is used to upload tests into QA Complete.  The prerequisite would be that the requirements are loaded prior to loading the tests.

Collapsible Folders/Directory Trees

Status: Implemented
by MCastle on ‎05-04-2015 04:15 PM

Anytime a folder structure is displayed within QAC, I would like to be able to collapse folders.  Additionally, I would like the initial view of the folder structure to default to a collapsed state.  Navigating through a directory tree where all folders are expanded is time consuming and at times frustrating.






Status: Implemented

We need the ability to add custom fields to the Test Runner.  When we test for a release, new builds are continously created and are used by various departments/individuals to test against.  We need to record which build was used during each test run.  We also need to be able to record which environment the test was executed in.  Our test environments are extremely dynamic in that db schemas are refreshed frequently, new builds are installed, and various browsers are used. This information is needed for each test run for tracking and performing root causes analyses.

We would like to the ability to specify an existing Test within a csv and import new Test Steps for it.  Below is our use case for this request.


For our implementation of QAComplete, we are using a staged rollout.  That is, we are creating Tests without Test Steps and executing the corresponding Test Sets.  We are doing this due to the time constraints and resource limitations to entering the large volume of tests and the varied state of testing documentation throughout the organization.



In the Test Library, I can display all tests linked to a release or not linked to a release by using a filter. This is not intuitive to many of our testers. To be consistent with the other entities in the system, it would be helpful to have a Releases tab in the navigation pane on the left before the Folders tab as is the case for Test Sets.

We need a method by which a step or series of steps can be written once and called from multiple tests. For example, I want to write a login procedure and then call it from other tests. Specifically, I want to have a test step something like “Call ‘Login’”. At execution, this step would be replaced by the steps in the test called “Login”. I do not want to copy the steps (as we do now), because then I have to maintain those steps in many places.

Remove Unncessary "Required" Field

Status: New Idea
by MCastle on ‎05-04-2015 04:24 PM

QAC has predetermined required fields; denoted (Required).  These cannot be made optional.  While I understand the intetion behind this, I do not wish Work Phone to be a (Required) field when creating a user.



How to make an 11.0 report public..

by oloudos on ‎09-28-2016 07:07 AM

I have created an 11.0 report and would like to make it public to the project team.

When associating a requirement to a Release (Release A), keep track of the version of the requirement and test cases that relate to this. 


If in further releases (Release B) a requirement or a test case changes, the Release B will be associated to the new version of the Requirement and/or Test Case, but Release A will not be affected by that.


Optionally, offer through a dialog if any of the linked (and still active) releases needs to be updated or not to link to the new Req/TC version

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We are currently using VersionOne and would like to integrate with QAComplete. Is that possible?

When adding a test library item that is very similar to another, ie. the same but to run on a different host, it would be nice to be able to copy the existing item.

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Integrate the automation module with Jenkins

Status: New Idea
by ‎03-11-2015 05:36 AM - edited ‎03-11-2015 05:51 AM

Given that SmartBear now written a Jenkins plugin integrating the automation module of QA Complete with Jenkins seems a logcal progression. 

Status: New Idea
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Force User Log Off

Status: Implemented
by MCastle on ‎05-05-2015 12:29 PM

As an admin, I would like the ability to log off a user.  A user may neglect to log out of the system and if licenses are concurrent, this would be extremely useful for allowing another user accss to the system.

Status: Implemented

Why can't we have the XXXX naming feature that Requirements have for test cases? If we could also use it as an identifier, we could display the test names in the library tree.  We could see at a glance what tests are in each folder without having to open each folder.  Also wouldn't have to do a quick search just to see where the test is sitting.  All those extra key strokes and waiting for tool response times will really not be missed.  Need this one urgently!


I would like to be able to determine, at the requirement level, how many test cases I am planning to have for it.



I have a requirement that will need 3 test cases.

I only write and link one of the 3.

The requirement is only 33% covered, as oposed to be considered just "covered" (binary option) when 1 test case is linked.




Note: This feature is already available in open source tools such as TestLink and it proves very useful.

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There are many things that I use shared documents for.  Some documents I need to link to requirements, some to tasks, some even to test case steps.  I want to store documents in a shared location and then be able to link them wherever I want in the application.  I also want the link to just reference the newest version of the document.


For example, I have a new team member doing their training.  I create a task to review our documents on process.  Before they get to doing that task, I change a part of the process document, but I want the new team member to see the most updated copy.


Currently I have a few options:

1) Upload the document directly to the task, and have to remember all tasks that have that document attached and re-upload everytime something changes (Not a good Solution).

2) Upload the document in the shared documents folder and tell them where to go find it which could also change (Not a good solution)

3) Upload the file in the shared doc section and use the url path generated there to link it to the task - however, if the document updates the url link is no longer a valid link.

4) Create an entirely new website to store all my files and use the UNC Path from that website to link it back to tasks and shared docs and tasks.  This seems kind of rediculus considering in the software there is a shared document section.


Consider another scenario:

I have a lot of test cases that have SQL instructions in them.  When the database is updated, I don't want to go edit text everytime with new SQL in all the test cases.  This could be solved by creating reusable components for tests (this I think has already been suggested).  Or allowing me to upload a text file for SQL that I could attach anywhere I wanted that specific SQL run for a test case.  When I update that SQL it would then update all test cases.


Thanks - and if anyone has any solutions to this information sharing issue I would love to hear them!

I would like to be able to select an option in QA Complete for it to assign test runs to the next available host from my pool of test hosts rather than limiting test runs to one specific host, this is not an efficient use of resources.

Some feature requests for the dashboard:

1) A "Refresh button" for each individual dashboard widget. Sometimes I'm not sure if it's up to date and refreshing the whole page is pretty silly. So maybe a "refresh all widgets" or the ability to refresh and individual widget would be great.
2) Each dashboard widget should indicate how it is being filtered by some kind of header. In the attached image I can't tell that that widget is filtered by a single release that I am targeting (unless there is another widget I should be using?)




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Additional Loss of data/changes warnings

Status: New Idea
by ReeceMonkey on ‎09-05-2016 08:13 AM

I have just spent the last 20 minutes writing test steps and expected results for a test case. I went to save said test case when I accidentally clicked 'Cancel' rather than 'Save' (Rookie mistake, I know) thus causing all my work to be wiped. 


Could we get a confirmation message when clicking this button, especially after creating/editing steps. I've notice any attempt to navigate to another tab or return to previous when editing steps triggers a save warning. Navigation by the folder tree does not cause the message to appear but ideally no one would accidentally click there.


I'm using the SAAS version by the way.




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Apparently I cannot tokenize my test in QAComplete (QAC) and pass those values to automation via Test Complete.

(Case #00190846: ALMQAC SaaS)


The ability to incorporate Tokens, passed to TestComplete (TC), would allow me determine my testcases in QAC ( using Token file), instead of having to implement them in TC.  It would also let me report test status on a much more granular basis from QAC, instead of having to extract details from TC report.


Related:  The ability to pass a parameter that is the "Release" would help in test maintenance, as some of my TC scripts may need to behave differently between major releases of the product.


It seems that integration between QAC and TC is an afterthought.