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6 years ago
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Ability to include screenshots in TestSet print preview PDF. To send it to developers or anyone else

At present develoepers are not using QA complete to find out the defects. I have to send them the list of defects. I didn't find any way to send Screenshot along with TESTSETS that were ran for which we added screenshot under Actual Results. So, we have to manually create another word document to send it to Developers with all defects along with the Word document which has screenshots. I noticed under "Run History" for each test sets we can click on "Printer Friendly" option that can be saved as PDF to developers but it is missing a screesnhot which were added during run. Please find a way to include the screenshots with that "Printer Friendl"y report or find a way just to extract "Printer Friend" version of defects only with screenshots. That will help us eliminate creation of another word document which is time consuming. 

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    This is exactly what we do as well.  But we take our screen shots and manually add them to the "printer friendly" version so thast our team and (for us) our clients can see the actualy results with the screens. 


    It would be great it Smartbear QAComplete could have an integrated screen capture tool build in when running tests to capture those screen shots and also include them in the "printer friendly" version.  Both would be so helpful.  But if they can't integrate a screen capture tool into QAComplete itself, then including them in the printed reports would be awesome and would help us tremendously as well.


    Kim Wong