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10 years ago
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Add ability to customize Test Runner layout

Test Runner screen is one of the layouts can't be customized at the moment in the app.

In addition, the default view of pre-set fields does not allocate much room for some fields like, worth case for us, Title (test case name) column.


For manual testing it requires to always resize this field prior execution and changes aren't save after window is closed.

In a big organization, with a large amount of test sets per QA, going through these few clicks can definitely result in a real time waster.


As discussed here:


 We looked into providing a "screen layout" for the test runner and it proved to be a larger issue than we expected.


1) Is this feature in development or dropped? I can't find a related ticket to Kudo it.


2) Would it be possible that changes in size/length of fields are kept after the test runner is closed? So that opening a new test runner screen will display exact setting of previous screen.


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    The fact that you can barely get 3 words of the Test Name on the Run window is very annoying.


    At least it could remember the changes on the order and size that you do. Couple of minutes spent setting it up and open next run and all gone was not a pleasant experience.

  • +1 to this.


    Keeping the settings will end up saving a lot of time.

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    +1 - I am totally agreed with this new feature. This would make manual testing easier .