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9 years ago
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Improve mapping between Release-TestCase-TestSet-Requirements

Currently (QAC 11.0 or older) in order to get complete Release report for example, you need to link manually all requirements and test cases which are in scope for this release.

In our team we assumed logically that if you have Test sets associated to test cases and you map these Sets to a release the Tests  scenarios will be automatically associated with this release.

If we have to run say full regression testing of all existing test cases in one release (like few thousands), that means that we have to link manually all these test cases to the release.

The link between the above work items should em improved and automated.


Example below:



  • We really would like this functionality as well. It would be a huge efficiency increase! And nobody likes to do this kind of repeated manual activity... I hope Smartbear will add this functionality soon.

  • Hi!


    I just want to make sure I understand what you want to see:

    If I have Test Sets linked to a Release, I want to see all of the Tests within those Sets appear as if linked to the Release.


    Is this correct? Would you ever run single Tests against a Release without using a Test Set?


    You can see on the screen shot above that if you have Tests linked to Requirements, and the Requirements linked to the Release, it does total up THOSE Tests without a direct link to the release.


    Just FYI: we have a couple of things in the works, such as a Fast Edit to do mass linking, and a few other things. Do you think this will help a little?


    As always, thanks for the suggestions!

  • Hello Barbara,


    If you look again at the screenshot I've placed - it is obvious that I have test sets + requirements linked to the release. As well there is "tests linked to requirements", but the "# of Tests" column is empty (because we haven;t linked the actual tests to the release).

    Our problem is that in the new 'Reports 11.0', if we run "Test Library Detail Report" linked to any of the past releases we get blank report showing 0 records.

    Unless we link all tests in scope directly to the Release we cannot get a correct report.

    Of course the old "legacy" reports are working fine, but then what's the point of using the new report functionality.

    The fast edit function is helpful and we use it, yes.