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New Review Upload Subversion

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New Review Upload Subversion


I am ready to submit my files into CodeCollaborator for a review.  I have all my files checked into subversion and want to select the last check-in to start the review process.  How do I choose the check-in version to initiate a review?  I don't want it compared to old check-ins yet as this is the first time my peers are going to look at it and many of the previous Subversion check-ins do not have all the files.  Thanks for the help.

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RE: New Review Upload Subversion

If you mean you've got a feature branch with a few commits and you want to start a review, you could just add each commit, or you could upload the diffs between the branch point and HEAD within that subtree. That would look roughly like:

ccollab addsvndiffs -r OLD:HEAD svn://domain/path/to/branch/

If you mean you want to review your entire codebase in one big shot, I'd strongly advise against it. If you must, diff the root of your project against an empty folder. (you may need to check one in)

ccollab addsvndiffs svn://path/to/empty svn://path/to/project/root
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