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Collaborator: where is finish button?

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Collaborator: where is finish button?

There is a lot of talk in your videos about a finish button a code review participate presses to indicate that they are satisfied with the code review.  But I can't find anything like that so I am stuck at the Inspection State.  What do my reviewers (and myself) do to indicate that the review is finished and we want to move on?

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Once the conditions are met from your role configuration a participant will have the option to "Send To Complete" in the header toolbar.


Please see Collaborator documentation that describes the workflow you may have in a review: 


See also the Role configuration documentation which describes what participant role parameters do for a review:

I see now that the reviewers either have to send to rework or to the approved state.  However we have one reviewer who can do neither.  He is in the following state and says he can't do anything to move to approve.


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Hello, @anthony58 


Yes, this issue was recently reported as COLLAB-8223 because there is not an obvious way to change the users state. The workaround for this issue is to have the user change the waiting activity in the review header toolbar to "Any Activity Occurs", then someone can poke that user or the user can add a comment in the chat to change their current state and allow them to "Send to Completed". 


See this section of documentation showing the area where the user can change their waiting activity:


This can be adjusted when sending to rework so any new activity will allow the user to progress the review. I apologize for this inconvenience.



Edwin Sanchez

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