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Collaborator comments have very large space in the text

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Collaborator comments have very large space in the text

This is in the diff-viewer screen...I have been asked to address an issue where various reviews in Collaborator (13.4) have comments that were entered where most of them the text is formatted as a paragraph would be.  however other comments in the same review for the same document have a very large space (like 100 line returns) in the text and the comment shows what looks like metadata for the text.  if i view the Details for for the review the comment for that same pin is normal.

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I am seeing the same thing in the "chats" associated with "pins", regardless of whether the view is a diff.  It makes the "chats" very difficult to read/navigate.

It seems to happen when text is pasted from a formatted document like a Word document or an Outlook e-mail.  In the "details" view, formatting appears removed, which is why it probably looks OK there.

I typically use the Firefox browser.  Collaborator v13.7.13700

Any advice on how to prevent or, better yet, fix this, would be appreciated.  (other than telling people not to cut/paste formatted text, which we have already done)


From our license adminstrator:


Smartbear did acknowledged that this is a bug in v13.7.  Content copied from MS Word documents creates the whitespace.  Their current suggestion is copy RTF from Word first to something like Notepad, then to Collab.  No word yet on when this will be fixed,

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i appreciate the informative response and will pass this on to the users

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