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Silent Install of Collaborator Server

Silent Install of Collaborator Server

Is it possible to enable and support the automated install and configuration of the Collaborator server? There are some features with potential (-c, -q, -varfile) but these are very basic (database and ldap config only) and are not functional when attempting an unattended install on a new server. It would be neat if the server could be stood up without a licence or at least ship with an "admin only" (no login) access so that the server can be installed with LDAP/AD and database integration configured from a response file and potentially configure with API / REST interface. In our case the servers do not have internet access so this feature will need to accommodate that fact, in particular I would expect the request and install of the license to be a manual step conducted some time after the install and database and LDAP/AD configuration has completed.

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Status changed to: Postponed

Thank you for the feedback regarding the server installer.  At this time, we do not have any short term plans to modify the installer to include additional silent options.

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